Amy M. Sexton

Aviation industry veteran, travel software standards expert, software professional, senior consultant
Amy M. Sexton

Amy Sexton has over 25 years experience in the aviation industry. As a travel industry veteran, Amy has been active in the software communications aspect of systems utilized by airlines, global distribution systems (GDSs), and airline software service providers. She began her career in 1990 as a software engineer for United Airlines, mapping industry business processes into software requirements. Amy then became the technical source to United’s representatives to travel industry standards-setting bodies – International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airlines for America (A4A – formerly ATA) – becoming an expert on airlines’ transaction
automation needs from a global perspective. In 2006, Amy was recruited to become the Director of Product Management for ITA Software in
Cambridge, MA. She became a part of the team which was building a new Passenger Services
System (PSS) using open-source technology — an industry first. Google acquired ITA Software in 2011, where Amy continued to work on improving and supporting the PSS system and representing Google within IATA. While working with Google, she became one of the initial team members of IATA’s Distribution Data Exchange Working Group (DDXWG – now PDMGWG) defining the requirements for IATA’s newest initiative, New Distribution Capability (NDC). NDC is the next generation interoperability standard for airlines to distribute and sell their products using a retailing model.