Tomi Davies

President of African Business Angels Network
Tomi Davies

As an IT systems analyst turned advisor, public speaker and angel investor, Tomi Davies has accumulated over three decades of outstanding experience building large-scale, national and region-wide technology enabled infrastructure projects across Africa.

He has also held a variety of executive and non-executive leadership roles with influential global brands like Ernst & Young, Marks & Spencer, Elf, Sapient and the One Laptop Per Child project.

Over the last decade, he has looked after a growing portfolio of Africa-based tech-enabled early stage ventures. He is a co-founder of the Lagos Angel Network (LAN) and President of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN).

As a thought leader, his personal goal is to inspire “maximizing the creation of social and economic value using technology”, and in 2014, he translated this passion for valuable application of technology into his book “The African Project Manager”.

He volunteers to a number of non-profit organizations and guest lecture at the Pan Atlantic University’s Enterprise Development Centre. His multivariate experience has been leveraged by organizations for advisory services, speaking engagements and non-executive board roles at companies like MBO Capital Limited (Private Equity), TextNigeria Limited (Telecoms) and Sproxil Nigeria (Anti-Counterfeit Technologies).