Ton Van’t Noordende

Founder of EDT Foundation
Ton Van’t Noordende

Ton is partner at Keadyn VC – a seed stage VC from the Netherlands.

Next to that, he’s Investor in Residence at StartupDelta, working closely together with HRH Prince Constantijn, on a mission to break open the European investment scene.

In 2017, he travelled to 40 cities meeting with key influencers in the tech scene and trying to discover ‘the secret sauce’ & the ‘origin stories’ of those respective cities. He’s talking to founders, toptier VCs, superangels & community leaders in order to get that firsthand knowledge sharing going.
He just launched e/d/t Global, an independent foundation built ot facilitate the pioneers in emerging tech (AI, blockchain, nano bio and other key technologies)
Ton also founded Angel Island ( last year with the purpose of connecting the unconnected. He rented an island near Amsterdam in 2016 & 2017, some tall ships and got together a curated group of 200 angel investors & 200 early stage founders and ‘locked’ the island. No pitching allowed, no keynotes, no name tags and a strict “zero asshole policy”. The idea was to level the playing field and meaningfully connect these two groups.
Currently, he’s raising funds to build a new pan-European fund in Emerging Tech.